Why Rockwills?

Our Reputation

The Rockwills Group of Companies has operations in both Malaysia and Singapore, providing solutions and support services in the areas of succession, management and distribution of wealth. Rockwills started in year 1995 and is the pioneer in the region to provide retail Will-writing and Will custody services. Rockwills is also licensed respectively, in both Malaysia and Singapore to carry on trust business and its services include acting as trustee of many family trusts and the executorship of estates. Other services include the provision of comprehensive estate planning advice and administration of offshore companies. It is by far the largest professional estate planning company in the region, having written more than 200,000 Wills (up to January 2017) and holding over RM8 billion worth of assets under trust. To date, the Group has trained more than 10,000 Rockwills estate planners, Rockwills Will-writers, financial planners and agents. The core business of the Group are introduced through a network of some 4,000 Rockwills Estate Planners both in Malaysia and Singapore.

We make it Easier For You

Now drawing up a Will or setting up a Trust is as easy as making a phone call… to Rockwills. A Rockwills Estate Planner can take your instructions in the privacy of your office or the comfort of your home.

Our Dedicated Governance Structure

Besides being governed under two enactments, namely, the Trustee Act 1949 and the Trust Companies Act 1949, we are supervised by the Companies Commission (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or SSM) in respect of administration, by the Securities Commission (SC) in respect of the giving of advice and by Bank Negara (BNM) in respect of anti-money laundering matters (AMLA). We also have our own governance structure, set out below. You will note, unlike others, this is dedicated just for our own operations and not as a part of a group function.
(Licensed trustee company – Malaysia )
(Licensed trustee company – Singapore )
Board Of Directors
1 Executive Director
2 Non-Executive Directors
6 Independent Directors
Board Of Directors
3 Executive Directors
3 Independent Directors
Audit Committee Audit Committee
Investment Committee* Trust Committee*  **
Risk Committee External Auditors
Operations Committee  ** Internal Auditors
External Auditors Compliance Officer
Internal Auditors
Compliance Officer
* Oversees investment management & performance ** Reviews trust & operational issues


乐委集团 Rockwills 在马来西亚和新加坡都设有运作公司,在资产的继承,管理及分配方面提供专业的解决方案和支援服务。 乐委成立于1995年,是马来西亚专业遗嘱缮写保管服务的开拓者。乐委也分别授权于马来西亚和新加坡的信托业务服务,包括成为许多家庭信托的受托人以及资产的执行人。我们也提供其他的服务包括全面的遗产规划建议和离岸公司管理。 一直以来,乐委集团是马来西亚最大规模的遗产规划公司。我们已经为顾客缮写超过180,000的遗嘱(自至2016年)及持有总值超过RM20亿的资产在我们的信托管理之下。
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