How to Join Rockwills?

Your investment and commitment:- RM2,788 which includes:-
  • A five years Rockwills franchise licence. Renewal upon expiry.
  • Four full days Will & Trust training at Wisma Rockwills, Head Office or Rockwills Regional Offices.
  • Examination on the 4th day of the training.
After the 4 Days Will and Trust Training at Rockwills?
  • Attend CMY Group’s fourth nightly meeting/training to enhance your knowledge.
  • Enhance product, legal and operations knowledge.
  • Periodic practical cases study to enhance marketing skills.
  • Learn the marketing skills on Will and Trust.
  • Learn public speaking – Will Talk Presentation.
  • Learn to structure Will and Trust for comprehensive Will-Writing.
  • Learn other related areas like Adoption Act, Marriage and Divorce Act, bankruptcy Act, Probate and Administration Act etc…
  • Participate in road show, Will Talks, Advertisement etc to get leads and contact.
If you follow the established CMY ‘s formula in Will and Trust, you are on the way to be the next RockStar of Rockwills!


A. Immediate Income
  • Personal – Based on the type of Rockwills services you provide.
  • Overidding – Based on the sales of your downlines (For 2 immediate levels only).
  • Type of Income based on Services
    • RWC – Will Writing Fees
    • RWC – Will Safe Custodian Fees – Annual Custody (Renewal yearly)
    • RWC – Will Safe Custodian Fees – Lifetime Custody
    • RWC – Will Translation Fees – English to Chinese
    • RWT – Executor / Trustee Appointment Fees
    • RWT – Estate Administration Services Package – eg. UPrepare
    • RWT – Private Trust Set Up Fees – eg. UDeclare, Business Value Protection Trust
    • RWC – SREP Overriding Commission (1st generation)
    • RWC – SREP Overriding Commission (2nd generation)
    • RWT – SREP Overriding Commission (1st generation)
    • RWT – SREP Overriding Commission (2nd generation)
B. Deferred Income(If Applicable)
  • Based on RWT Estate Administration & Trust Administration Fees.

Rockwills’ Incentives and Career Prospect

• Cash bonus & annual overseas incentives trip – YES • Career advancement opportunities to Senior REP – YES • Perpetual income and over-riding for Senior REP – YES (RWC – Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd, RWT – Rockwills Trustee Berhad, REP – Rockwills Estate Planner)

FAQs On Rockwills Franchise

1.What is the qualification to join as a Rockwills Estate Planner?

There is no specific qualification, as long as you can read, write in English or Chinese or other languages you are welcomed to join us.

2.Do I have to draft all the Wills? I am not good in English and hate typing!

No, you do not, you merely gather all the relevant information necessary in a client’s Will on a Will-Writing Information form (WWIF) and send it to PSC or legal Department. PSC or Legal Department will draft the Will for you.

3.I have no sale and marketing experience, can I do this business?

Yes, you can. Will-Writing is a business that do not need “Hard selling”, the correct and effective way is to share your knowledge in Will-Writing instead and clients who need your service will look for you.

4.How to promote my business?

Through advertisements in newspapers, flyers distribution, road shows at Malls or public area, giving Will talk at office and homes etc. These are some effective ways to promote Will-Writing or estate planning services.

5.How does Rockwills pays a franchisee?

Based on commission? The income is commission based. Thus, the more cases closed and submitted, the more will be the commission income payable. Furthermore, there is deferred income for the franchise holder in the future if clients under the franchise licence who appointed Rockwills Trustee Berhad as their Executor/Trustee later passed on.

6.What are the advantages of associating with you as compared to other franchisee/Will-Writer under Rockwills? Briefly, some of the advantages and benefits to associate with us are:-

  • You receive personal attention in your business.
  • With a Service Centre (PSC) supporting your business, you will learn faster as you deal personally with the PSC.
  • Our PSC can draft your urgent Will immediately should need arises. Thus, you provide better service to your clients.
  • With more than 15 years experience in Will-Writing, we have good exposure in this business, able to share, assist you in all aspects of your business.
  • Everyone needs and looking for an experience and effective mentor! CMY in Rockwills is the one!
  • Only specialized in Will and Trust, do not have other business like insurance, unit trust etc. Fulltime in Will-Writing for the past 15 years!
  • Preparation of Will normally via e-mailing, thus, saving travelling time and cost to and fro Wisma Rockwills. Making you more efficient and cost effective.
  • Assist in all your marketing activities e.g. be your speaker, form group advertisement, road shows etc.
  • We are one of the few most consistent annual awards winning senior franchisees in Rockwills. Always join the best people or group in any industry!
  • We have an established operations system to assist you. A good operations system is crucial in any successful business.
  • Our established operations system have produced many successful REPs in Sabah, Melaka, Johor and the Klang Valley.
  • Results speak by itself. CMY Group have been producing many top rookies in the recent years.

Why Join CMY Group in Rockwills?

• Your mentor Chong Mok Yong is one of the top three Estate Planner in Rockwills. He is experience, having written few thousand Wills. • Your mentor has 15 years of experience in Will and Trust (fulltime), no insurance or other businesses. • Your Mentor has produced many RockStars in Rockwills. • We have an established system to ensure win-win situation for all REPs under CMY Group. • We operate a Service Centre which provides support to all REPs, whether in Klang Valley or outstations.
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